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Welcome to R.E.V!

My name is Brandon Reinhold and I am a welding engineer by professional trade, I love outdoor power sports and they have been a huge part of my Life.   A machine right off the show room floor has great performance, comfort, and reliability. However, manufacturers leave some untapped potential.  

This is where I come in, I have been upgrading and modifying suspension, handling, and the performance of ATV's, SXS's and Snowmobiles for over 15 years.  I want to take my knowledge of the sport and apply it to your machine.


Lots of people have ideas and REV LLC can bridge the gap to take your requirements and customize your machine.  R.E.V LLC is located in south east Michigan.

Contact R.E.V. LLC today and start upgrading your ride!

Owner: Brandon Reinhold

(586) 489-0894



Custom Welding & Fabrication Services

     - GTAW (TIG) Welding Services

     - GTAW (MIG) Welding Services

     - Certified Weld Repair Services

     - Certified Weld Inspection Services ( CWI )

          - American Welding Society


Performance Services

     - Clutch Tuning

     - Engine Tuning

     - Suspension Tuning

     - Shock Rebuilding / Re-valving

           - MTS OFFROAD Certified Valving Dealer

General Services / Maintenance

     - Fluid Service

     - Drivetrain Inspection

     - Seasonal Inspection

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